Presentation training and public speaking coaching specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Presentation skills are intimately related to our odds at success in life, personal or professional. I work with clients through the process of developing, designing and delivering presentations that are effective and memorable. I want you to deliver presentations that are effective. And by effective, I mean presentations in which the ideas expressed can be clearly understood, passionately embraced and enthusiastically shared.

My clients learn to convey complex data or concepts into messages that are compelling and sound. My goal is for every client to be able to communicate in the most common and stressful corporate settings with ease, comfort and confidence. Learn the different techniques to communicate with senior management or demanding clients and with internal or external audiences in a variety of settings.

Why does it matter?

Since the priority ofmost presentations is to persuade decision makers at your organization to invest in your idea, your capacity to produce these results will determine career progression and countless opportunities in business. You will be prepared to pitch your ideas confidently and in a crisp way, in any setting and at any time.

What you will learn?

Corporate coaching covers the following areas and then more.

  1. How to tailor your message to your audience and narrow it down to it's essence

  2. A logical message sequence that sticks

  3. Correct articulation with the aim of reducing distractions and filler language

  4. To be persuasive without being pushy or sellsy

  5. Non-verbal cues, how to read a room and audience engagement

  6. How to tell a good story that features you in the best light



One-day or half -day workshops given at your location to cover the most pressing aspects to improve immediately the speaking capacity and the quality of presentations of your employees.  

If you have decided that is time to get everyone on your team on the same page delivering superb presentations that are meaningful, insightful and a pleasure to listen. Call me so that we may discuss your company needs. I have professional experience working as an analyst in the Advertising and Media industries and for Fortune 500 companies and clients. My classes are far from theory and target to resolve the challenges of everyday employees to report complex data while at the same time presenting in a way that is inspiring and insightful. The bottom line, is that you want your team to deliver presentations that are smart AND a pleasure to listen to.

Why does it matter?

That your team communicates effectively is paramount to it's success. If your team does not inspire and presents with confidence and clarity it can not only affect the ability to secure new accounts, but also it erode corporate culture and the desire of employees to take part of business meetings and quarterly/annual progress reports.  

What you will learn?

Corporate workshops covers the following areas and then more.

Given as private coaching or half day workshop instruction. Covers techniques for preparation, design and delivery of data-intensive presentations. Teaches participants how to communicate insights and recommendations from complex data or concepts in an effective way that senior management and peers can understand easily. 

  1. Teaches participants principles to communicate insights and recommendations from complex data or concepts

  2. Teaches how to pitch ideas to senior management taking into consideration, time scarcity and pressing concerns of C-level executives

  3. Covers visualizations best practices for statistical or quantitative data

  4. To be persuasive by using stories that engage and demonstrate the value of their proposals

  5. Non-verbal cues, how to read a room and audience engagement

  6. How to refrain from rambling by staying on message from start to finish




Speaking engagements and work for NGO's.


I love to inspire individuals by speaking about the infinite rewards that stem from mastering the art of communication. Below common speaking topics that can be delivered in the form of interactive and engaging sessions.

3 Steps to Your Best Elevator Pitch

This will be a hands-on session with a mix of soul searching and practical delivery techniques. We depart from the idea of an Elevator Pitch as a Sales Pitch (please lets erase that from our memories!) and come to find peace with the Elevator Pitch as a friendly yet persuasive conversation framed as a WIN-WIN for two. We go beyond, What you do? ; to reach the more important question: How can I help you? Participants will leave the session with their own Best Elevator Pitch ready for action.

Speak Compellingly

This presentation is packed with practical advice to start participants on the journey from "good" to "great" speakers. We dive deep into storytelling and why everyone is talking about it. The difference it makes for an audience and how to integrate it into our day-to-day interactions; from casual conversations to scientific statistical reports (!).

I have taught courses in many different aspects of business and organizational communications and will be happy to tailor a speech to the needs of your audience. That's what a good speaker does! My sessions are not cookie cutter. The participants will take away with them actionable steps that will improve their speaking capacity from the moment I begin.



I take great satisfaction from teaching presentation skills workshops to disadvantaged youth because I truly believe in the power of education and communication to change peoples lives.

Some of the Youth Workshops (One day or Multiple sessions) I have delivered include:

1. Ace the Interview - teaches participants how to prepare for an upcoming interview. Topics cover from job targeting and research strategies to post-interview diligence. Students will learn how to actively engage in a relaxed conversation with the interviewer and to asks appropriate follow up questions that build rapport and engagement. 

2. Speak Out (Fundamentals and Advanced) - workshops that develop in each participant the confidence and capacity to present effective and compelling messages that create an emotional connection with their audience. The participants will learn alignment between their message, the articulated delivery and their non-verbal cues. We start by laying out the foundation for speaking: listening skills. At the end, participants are able to communicate in casual and formal settings including: college and job interviews, extracurricular activities and associations, impromptu introductions, class presentations, and more importantly, daily interactions.

If you wish to bring me to your school or non-profit organization to teach some of these programs, please call me to (305) 815-2175 or email me at