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Speak Out Fundamentals just opened another 2 sessions!

In response to our sold-out sessions this past Spring, I'm very excited to announce that we will open another two sessions of Speak Out Fundamentals for Spring 2018. The classes will take place Saturday at 10am - 11:15am & 11:30am - 12:45pm.

The class size will be limited to a maximum of 8 students per session to guarantee our individualized approach and to tailor to the interests of each child in speaking topics and delivery techniques.

Core Speech Communications teaches people how to communicate compellingly, so that their ideas are understood, embraced and shared by their audience.

Speak Out Fundamentals focuses on teaching youth how to overcome challenges in communication through age appropriate techniques. We teach principles that translate to all spheres of life, such as reading non-verbal cues and self-regulation of their movements so that their message, presentation and delivery are all in alignment.

The difference between the programs we offer and other programs that improve public speaking skills such as theater, is that we focus on helping our participants identify and build their message in a logical and concise format to make it easy to understand by their audience. We cover topics that teach children and adults the necessary skills to master debate, impromptu conversations, storytelling, message and argument structure, articulation and much more!

Registration for this class will be $240.00 for an 8-week series.

Please contact us for enrollment and additional information.

 Maximize your child's potential for success by learning how to speak compellingly

Maximize your child's potential for success by learning how to speak compellingly

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