Data Analysts and researchers have a new must read: Better Presentations by Jonathan Schwabish

As part of the popular genre for business books that help professionals create and deliver more effective presentations, Better Presentations by Johnathan Schwabish stands out as a gem to guide a very specific and growing niche: data-driven professionals.

It covers the basics of presentation skills thoroughly,  however, the value of the book resides in all the relevant details and action items that can transform a data-intensive report into a smooth and fluid presentation that can engage and captivate the audience. Every chapter provides illustrative examples that guide researchers through the process of planning, design, and delivery. The lessons emphasize how to visualize your content most effectively, how to retain consistency by unifying visual elements with your intended message and how to direct your audience's focus towards what you have to say.

I found that the most effective and novel strategies discussed to achieve these aims were the layering technique which can be applied to graphs, equations, and text. Also, how to frame visual elements such as picture graphics and to use color theory were relevant.

The author also took the proactive step of creating complementary online resources to the book in the shape of worksheets, color palettes and different kids of slides to help the user craft their presentation.

Taking into account that the workplace is becoming increasingly literate using and manipulating data I find this a valuable resource and feel confident to recommend to my students or anyone interested in delivering a presentation with data that can be equally instructive, interesting and enjoyable.

Enjoy your read!


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